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How do I clean my pampuschen made from wool, cotton, velvet or satin?

Your favourite pampuschen should generally be gently cleaned with a damp sponge, cloth or small brush. We have discovered that using an old toothbrush works very well. 

Tired looking flower ornaments will be refreshed by holding the ornament carefully over steam. Warning, risk of scalding!

Cleaning the edge of padded insoles and the flower ornaments of our decorated models Grace, Greta and Betty, is best done with a vaccum cleaner on lowest setting using the smallest nozzle.

Even a gentle hand wash with lukewarm water is possible. However, please refrain from rubbing or wringing out your pampuschen. It is also recommended to pull ornaments back into shape before drying.

Some of our customers are reporting great success after washing their pampuschen, in their washing machine inside a lingerie bag with the hand wash / wool wash setting using a special wool detergent. After the shoes are dried and applications are back in shape, especially our sandals look like new. However, we don’t want to officially recommend this method since every washing machine is different and therefore we can’t guarantee success.


It is desirable to avoid getting the real leather soles of your ballerinas and slippers wet.


Important: For leather soles to remain soft and pliant, it is important to not dry them on a heater or near an oven.


How do I clean my leather pampuschen?

pampuschen made from leather should not get damp, and only be carefully cleaned with a soft bristled brush. 


The following tips and tricks can be helpful for the care and cleaning of hook and loop fasteners:


Lint on the surface is easily removed by using a lint roller, the same way you would generally use it on your garments. Just roll it a view time over the surface, if required use a fresh sheet with better adhesive properties.


With an ordinary hard bristled toothbrush, using strong pressure, you can brush out lint, with short up and down strokes to the outside and remove the lint afterwards with your fingers.


If other expedients fail, you may use some tweezers to carefully remove deep sitting lint.


For the long levity of a hook and loop fastener, it should be cleaned of lint and dirt once a month, while it is still easily removed. That way there is no chance of lint getting to deeply embedded and the fastener loosing grip.


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