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Kostenfreier Versand innerhalb Deutschlands

Versandkosten [EN]

Shipment costs

Your orders are free of postage charges if your receiver address is within Germany.

In other EU countries we charge 6€.

If your order goes to an address in Swizerland or into other non-EU European countries, the postage and handling charge is 11 € per order.



If you enter a receiving address outside the EU, your purchase will be free of German taxes as you finalise your purchase at the ‘checkout’.

We would like to make you aware that returns and exchange of goods from Switzerland is for customs and tax reasons very complicated and very expensive. A refund of custom fees incurred at Swiss customs is only possible after subtracting handling fees and in addition to that a very lengthy and complicated process. 


We will ship our goods within Germany, in all EU Countries and Switzerland.

Our shipments are carried out by DHL.

Delivery times are 1-3 working days, if ordered articles are in stock. All displayed stock information concerning available quantities is not binding.

You will receive an information email, in case your ordered article is not yet available. The article concerned will be forwarded to you as soon as the article is back in stock. If you do not want to receive an out of stock article at a later date, please let us know per email or alternatively contact us via telephone. In case you have already made a payment, your will be reimbursed promptly.

Transport damage

If you receive goods with obvious transport damage, we would ask you to place a complaint straight away with the delivery agent. In addition, kindly inform us immediately via email at post@pampuschen.com.

If you should fail to make a claim or to contact us, is of no consequence in regards to your legal right of quality assurance. However you aid us in making our own claim for possible damages cause by the delivery agent.


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